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F-1-76. Shokoko

Creative headArt Director Ulyana Kojevnikova
Author of ideaDesigner Pavel Konukov
Product"Shokoko" company supports celebrations by organizing their dessert part. It rents confectionery machines : chocolate fountains, fountains with drinks, cotton candy and soft ice cream machines.
DescriptionSuch a «sweet» project as «Shokoko» we started with great enthusiasm. The idea of chocolate fountains charmed us at once.
Baroque era is famous for its redundancy and excess. In those days it revealed in everything: in architecture, interiors, costumes and hairstyles, in the festivities and in the lifestyle of French king court. Baroque epoch with its splendor and the elegance of Rococo became the symbol of prosperity and contentment. It pushed us to different ideas and images. Here we’ve got King Louis XV, powdered faces, incredible ladies hair wigs, lace, beautiful mistresses, gastronomic hedonism, excess in cakes, court confectioners, posh dinners, entertainments, sumptuous feasts, palaces and, of course, fountains.
This theme is very easy to develop and to interpret; it includes a lot of well-recognized images, characteristic elements and interesting details. The concept is suitable for a spectacular visualization. Tempting, tasty pictures will help to turn potential customers into real.
After adopting a working concept of the project we determined the general stylistic decision and began to develop a brand name. We had three essential requirements: a perfect match to the concept, phonetic appeal of words and unambiguous reading. «Shokoko» has been chosen as the most suitable variant - elegant, flirtatious and slightly ironic.
The logo has become the logical extension of the title. The idea of excess is also clearly traced here. Not just a crown, not just a fountain, but a three-story chocolate fountain-crown!
Images of coquettish mistresses with deep d?collet?, with fluffy and grandiose hairstyles became the plot of the booklet. These girls knew everything about the pleasures and sweet life at the court of the French king. Moreover, they embodied it. In our booklet mistresses show and talk about each service of “Shokoko” company. Each service has its own image with its own accompanying hairstyles, costumes, emotions and poses. All the elements of corporate identity are gathered together in the booklet.
For employees we have created chocolate business cards, decorated with icing and gold. Pay attention to the position titles. Is it possible to have a director or an accountant or managers in such a company? No! There can only be a prince, a treasurer and a maid of honor.
Order blank was stylized as an ancient charter. It was printed on a specially selected unbleached paper with a few natural inclusions.
Team membersIllustrator Nikita Kokarev
Manager Elena Smolenskaya