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F-5-3. Russian Agricultural Bank JSC, Annual Report 2010 in English

AgencyVolga Volga Brand Identity
Creative headSivohin Pavel
Author of ideaSivohin Pavel
ProductRussian Agricultural Bank JSC
DescriptionJSC Russian Agricultural Bank is one of the largest banks in Russia. Created in the year of 2000 to develop the national credit and financial system and the agricultural sector in rural areas of Russian Federation, today is a universal commercial bank offering all types of banking services and occupies a leading position in financing the agricultural sector in Russia. 100 % of bank’s shares are owned by the state.
The Bank is an agent of the Government of the Russian Federation on the implementation of federal target programs in the agricultural sector. Ratings of the Russian Agricultural Bank are corresponded to the sovereign credit rating of the Russian Federation, and are the ratings of investment grade.
The objective was to present the Bank as the financially stable issuer and reliable partner for cooperation. To demonstrate the successful development of the Bank in 2010 and its’ social responsibility. The publication is aimed at Western audiences. “Greener” report represents the responsibility of the leading bank to the society, country and nature. Design concept of the annual report is based on a strict layout, easy to read and comfortable for perception. The lack of illustrations, reserved, pointedly ascetic style of typography, alongside with the use of environmentally friendly materials and sophisticated processing post-printing, allowed to realize an edition, which translates the conservative bank values and corresponds to the traditions of European business ethics. The set includes a booklet and a flash drive with an electronic version of the publication, in original box.
Team membersSivohin Pavel, art director
Grigoriev Vladimir, desigher